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Detailed Description

Represents a single ApplicationPool client, connected to this server.

The life time of a Client object is guaranteed to be less than that of its associated Server object.

Public Member Functions

 Client (Server &the_server, int connection)
 Create a new Client object.
void start (const weak_ptr< Client > self)
 Start the thread for handling the connection with this client.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Client::Client ( Server &  the_server,
int  connection 
) [inline]

Create a new Client object.

the_server The Server object that this Client belongs to.
connection The connection to the ApplicationPool client.
connection will be closed upon destruction

Member Function Documentation

void Client::start ( const weak_ptr< Client self  )  [inline]

Start the thread for handling the connection with this client.

self The iterator of this Client object inside the server's clients set. This is used to remove itself from the clients set once the client has closed the connection.

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