Passenger Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Support for interruption of blocking system calls and C library calls.

This file provides a framework for writing multithreading code that can be interrupted, even when blocked on system calls or C library calls.

One must first call Passenger::setupSysCallInterruptionSupport(). Then one may use the functions in Passenger::InterruptableCalls as drop-in replacements for system calls or C library functions. Thread::interrupt() and Thread::interruptAndJoin() should be used for interrupting threads.

By default, interruptions are caught.


class  Application
 Represents a single Ruby on Rails or Rack application instance. More...
class  ApplicationPool
 A persistent pool of Applications. More...
class  ApplicationPoolServer
 Multi-process usage support for ApplicationPool. More...
class  DummySpawnManager
 A dummy SpawnManager replacement for testing/debugging purposes. More...
class  SystemException
 Represents an error returned by a system call or a standard library call. More...
class  FileSystemException
 A filesystem error, as returned by the operating system. More...
class  IOException
 Represents an error that occured during an I/O operation. More...
class  FileNotFoundException
 Thrown when a certain file cannot be found. More...
class  ConfigurationException
 Thrown when an invalid configuration is given. More...
class  SpawnException
 Thrown when SpawnManager or ApplicationPool fails to spawn an application instance. More...
class  BusyException
 The application pool is too busy and cannot fulfill a get() request. More...
class  MessageChannel
 Convenience class for I/O operations on file descriptors. More...
class  SpawnManager
 Spawning of Ruby on Rails/Rack application instances. More...
class  StandardApplicationPool
 A standard implementation of ApplicationPool for single-process environments. More...
class  Thread
 Thread class with system call interruption support. More...
struct  AnythingToString
 Used internally by toString(). More...
struct  Passenger::AnythingToString< vector< string > >
 Used internally by toString(). More...
class  TempFile
 Represents a temporary file. More...


namespace  InterruptableCalls
 System call and C library call wrappers with interruption support.


typedef shared_ptr< ApplicationApplicationPtr
 Convenient alias for Application smart pointer.
typedef shared_ptr< SpawnManagerSpawnManagerPtr
 Convenient alias for SpawnManager smart pointer.


void setupSyscallInterruptionSupport ()
 Setup system call interruption support.
int atoi (const string &s)
 Converts the given string to an integer.
void split (const string &str, char sep, vector< string > &output)
 Split the given string using the given separator.
bool fileExists (const char *filename)
 Check whether the specified file exists.
string findSpawnServer (const char *passengerRoot=NULL)
 Find the location of the Passenger spawn server script.
string findApplicationPoolServer (const char *passengerRoot)
 Find the location of the Passenger ApplicationPool server executable.
string canonicalizePath (const string &path)
 Returns a canonical version of the specified path.
bool verifyRailsDir (const string &dir)
 Check whether the specified directory is a valid Ruby on Rails 'public' directory.
bool verifyRackDir (const string &dir)
 Check whether the specified directory is a valid Rack 'public' directory.
bool verifyWSGIDir (const string &dir)
 Check whether the specified directory is a valid WSGI 'public' directory.
template<typename T>
shared_ptr< T > ptr (T *pointer)
 Convenience shortcut for creating a shared_ptr.
template<typename T>
string toString (T something)
 Convert anything to a string.

Typedef Documentation

Convenient alias for Application smart pointer.

Convenient alias for SpawnManager smart pointer.

Function Documentation

void Passenger::setupSyscallInterruptionSupport (  ) 

Setup system call interruption support.

This function may only be called once. It installs a signal handler for INTERRUPTION_SIGNAL, so one should not install a different signal handler for that signal after calling this function.

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